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Researchers just discovered a ‘swamp king’ crocodile in Australia

The prehistoric fossils identified a ‘swamp king’ creature that lived in Australia.

SHARE Researchers just discovered a ‘swamp king’ crocodile in Australia
The ‘swamp king’ was one intimidating croc.

The ‘swamp king’ was one intimidating ‘croc.’

The University of Queensland

Researchers recently identified previously discovered prehistoric fossils as a “swamp king” crocodile.

What happened:

Scientists from the University of Queensland recently determined that fossils discovered in the 1980s were that of a creature named Paludirex vincenti, according to the researchers, who spoke with the journal PeerJ.

  • The creature’s name Paludirex vincenti is Latin for “Swamp King.”

The “Swamp King” lived somewhere between 5.33 million and 2.58 million years ago, according to PeerJ.

  • The creature was likely 16 feet long.

Key quote:

“The ‘swamp king’ was one intimidating croc,” said Jorgo Ristevski, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Queensland, in a press release on the study.

Why this crocodile is different

Ristevski said the world’s largest crocodile in 2020 has a similar build to the “swamp king.” But there’s one noticeable difference.

  • “The largest crocodylian today is the Indo-Pacific crocodile, Crocodylus porosus, which grows to about the same size. But Paludirex had a broader, more heavy-set skull so it would’ve resembled an Indo-Pacific crocodile on steroids.”