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Flight attendants surprise a couple flying their adopted baby home with an in-flight baby shower

Flying with a baby can be incredibly difficult, but for Dustin and Caren Moore, flying with their newborn was a life-changing experience

Dustin and Caren Moore were finally able to adopt a baby girl after a long and trying nine year journey to become parents.
Dustin and Caren Moore were finally able to adopt a baby girl after a long and trying nine-year journey to become parents.
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Dustin and Caren Moore wanted to become parents more than anything. After nine years of enduring unsuccessful fertility treatments, miscarriages and the stress of the adoption process, they were finally able to adopt a newborn baby girl last November, according to The Washington Post.

Only eight days after their daughter was born, the Moores flew her from Colorado — where she was born — to their home in California on a Southwest Airlines flight, but in the middle of the flight she woke up and began fussing. The baby needed a diaper change, Dustin wrote in a Twitter thread.

A flight attendant named Jenny helped them find a place to change their infant, and kindly asked the Moores why they were flying with a newborn. They told Jenny they had recently adopted the newborn and were taking her home, and a few minutes later a flight attendant named Bobby came over to ask more about their new family member.

Then, The Washington Post reports, Bobby went on the intercom to announce to all the flight’s passengers: “Ladies and gentlemen, there’s a very special guest on the flight today. She’s only 8 days old and she’s traveling home with her mom and dad.”

Bobby then invited the entire cabin to write messages for the new parents on napkins he’d be passing out. The passengers cheered and agreed, many of them coming over to meet the Moores and their new daughter. The flight’s crew gathered the napkins and read some of their favorites over the intercom

The Moores were given those napkins at the end of the flight, and have since made them into a scrapbook so they can always remember the act of kindness, which according to the Post, was motivated by an act of kindness they’d been shown in the past. Those two flight attendants were also married, and had a similar experience years before on their honeymoon, when a fellow flight attendant had collected messages of support for them.

Dustin Moore told The Washington Post he’d originally gotten onto Twitter to complain about a bad day he had while working as a dietician, but he realized he’d rather share something good, so he decided to share the story of the Moore’s first family flight.

In one of his tweets, he said he hoped sharing his experience with the kindness of strangers motivated other people on social media to share their stories of goodness as well. His uplifting Twitter thread has received thousands of likes and hundreds of retweets.