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This Texas company has developed an at-home COVID-19 test

Everlywell will begin selling at-home coronavirus tests for only $135 later this month

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It may soon be possible for expensive and highly sought after COVID-19 tests to be shipped directly to people’s homes for an affordable price.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The Austin, Texas, company Everlywell previously sold home lab tests for things like cholesterol levels, allergies, fertility and even STDs. Now, Time Magazine reports they’ve developed an at-home coronavirus test kit.

Starting on March 23 the company will begin retailing the kits for $135 and shipping them directly to customers’ homes, but only after a telemedicine doctor prescribes it after viewing the customer’s reported symptoms, the New York Post reports.

The at-home COVID-19 testing kit will arrive at a customer’s house in about two days from order. It includes swab collection equipment, an overnight shipping label and additional shipping materials to ensure that transporting the sample back to FDA-approved labs to be processed is safe for the mail carriers handling the packages, reports Oregon Live. Test results will then be made securely available online within 48 hours.

People who receive positive tests will be connected with certified telemedicine doctors for guidance, and Everlywell will send confirmed positive cases to federal and state reporting agencies as mandated.

Everlywell confirmed to TechCrunch that its at-home kit’s accuracy and efficacy has been validated by numerous peer-reviewed medical studies, and will increase the number of people getting tested, while decreasing risk of transmission to emergency medical workers.

The company plans to eventually have the capacity to test and diagnose up to 250,000 people each week, reports KXAN.