While people are cooped up in their homes trying to protect themselves and others from catching or spreading the coronavirus, many of them are turning to a new form of entertainment to find solace — live zoo camera feeds, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Zoos across the country are sharing live camera footage of their animals so that people can watch in from anywhere around the world.

For example, the San Diego Zoo provides live or archived footage of 12 of its most popular habitats, including a panda cam archive — the pandas have since been repatriated to China — a live baboon cam, penguin cam, polar bear cam, giraffe cam, elephant cam, tiger cam, and more.

The Smithsonian National offers live camera feeds of five different species lions, as well as cheetah cubs, naked mole-rats, giant pandas and elephants. The cheetah cub cam and the giant panda cam are down. though. Along with the live cams, the zoo also offers educational zoo activities for kids to do from home, too

The Monterey Bay aquarium is also offering 10 different live feeds featuring everything from sea otters and African penguins, to sharks, jellyfish and birds.

The Shedd Aquarium has a live feed of one of its fish tanks, which features angel fish, butterfly fish, tangs, wrasses and more. While the aquarium is closed, the penguin keepers have been taking penguins on adventures outside their enclosure, providing entertainment and joy to millions of viewers, Deseret News reported.

Shedd Aquarium will also be offering education content, including an educational series featuring Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot starting this Wednesday.