Another wave of locusts has made its way to Kenya after heavy fears that it would wash through the country, BBC News reports.

  • Food security in East Africa remains a concern for many. Now, locusts, known for ruining crops, have made their way to many countries throughout the region, including Kenya.
  • Billions of locusts destroyed crops across the area. The UN warned a second generation would come. And now it has.
  • BBC News said: “Now, despite international efforts, those fears appear to be coming to pass.”

Some more context:

  • Five million people are at risk of hunger and famine because of the locusts plague, according to The first wave of locusts destroyed more than 15,534 miles of land in the East African region, putting people’s food consumption at risk.
  • “Without swift intervention, populations will face mass starvation this summer.”
  • A fourth generation of locusts is on the way. Experts suggest the swarm could be 8,000 times larger than the current third generation, per

A personal story:

  • BBC released a new video that highlights Albert Lemasulani, who left his family, goats and newborn son to try to prevent the plague.
  • Watch the video at BBC News.