New video footage shows the strong winds of Hurricane Laura ripping off the roof of the Golden Nugget casino in Lake Charles, Louisiana, an early sign of the devastating impact of the hurricane.

What happened:

Hurricane Laura made landfall overnight in Louisiana, bringing an “unsurvivable” storm with it, as I wrote for The storm landed as a Category 4 before dwindling down to a Category 2.

WKRG shared a video that shows the strong winds — which were 150 miles per hour at one point before dipping down to a cool 100 miles per hour — ripping off the roof of a casino building.

The Golden Nugget and the L’Auberge casinos both sustained damage from the storm’s winds, The Advocate reported. Local and national media members were stationed at those hotels and shared images of the widespread damage caused by Hurricane Laura.

The video is an example of the storm’s strength over night. “It will be interesting to see what Lake Charles and surrounding areas look like at first light,” according to KPEL.