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This state had a COVID-19 positivity rate of 27% over the weekend

More than one-quarter of COVID-19 tests in Wisconsin had a positive result

In this May 6, 2020 photo a medical worker hands a self administered coronavirus test to a patient at a drive through testing site in a parking lot in the Woodland Hills section of Los Angeles. California’s death count from the coronavirus surpassed 15,000 on Sunday, Sept. 20, even as the state saw widespread improvement in infection levels.
A medical worker hands a self-administered coronavirus test to a patient at a drive-thru testing site in a parking lot in the Woodland Hills section of Los Angeles on May 6, 2020.
Richard Vogel, Associated Press

Wisconsin had a COVID-19 test positivity rate of more than 27% on Sunday, meaning that more of a quarter of the tests showed a positive result, KMSP reports.

What’s going on?

On Sunday, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services said 27.6% of the 8,023 tests were positive, with 2,217 being negative.

  • The state has seen a 104% increase over the last two weeks, which is the third-largest spike across the country over that same time period.
  • Wisconsin as reported more than 2,000 positive cases per day over the last four days, according to local reports.

Wisconsin ranks third on The New York Times’ list of COVID-19 hot spots, where new cases are higher and staying high. North Dakota and South Dakota lead that list, with Utah ranking fourth, right behind Wisconsin.

What’s being done?

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers announced a new indoor mask mandate for those who are older than 5. The mandate was originally announced on Aug. 1 but was later extended on Sept. 22, according to KMSP.