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This region of Spain saw -15 degree temperatures. Seriously

Central Spain recorded temperatures of -25 C, which is about -15 F

Snow covers the landscape with low temperatures after the recent snow fall, in Belagua valley near to Isaba, northern Spain, Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2021.
Snow covers the landscape with low temperatures after a recent snowfall,in Belagua Valley near Isaba, northern Spain, on Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2021.
Alvaro Barrientos, Associated Press

People in central Spain experienced a deep freeze and record cold temperatures after a weekend snowstorm ravaged the country, BBC News reports.

What happened:

A massive snowstorm poured over central Spain this last weekend, leading to seven deaths, two of whom were homeless people living in Barcelona, according to BBC News.

  • Public health officials advised elderly people to stay home.
  • The snow has turned to ice, which has caused problems for public transportation as well.

Temperatures dropped to -25 C (that’s -15 F) in Molina de Aragón and Teruel. This was Spain’s coldest night in more than two decades.

Winters tend to be quite mild in the country, so officials are still working on repairing and cleaning up the streets from the storm.

Snowstorm aftermath:

Emergency crews have started to cleanup Spain days after Storm Filomena. Per ABC News, Spain has cleared 500 roads and rescued more than 1,500 people who were stranded in their cars as a result of the storm.

  • All people trapped in their cars have been rescued, officials told ABC News. However, hundreds of cars remain unrecovered and need to be rescued.
  • Authorities still ask people to delay any travel by car for now as they work to shovel their way out of the storm’s wrath.