What does a monolith mean anymore? Almost two months after the discovery of the Utah monolith, another slab of metal was discovered in the Dallas-Fort Worth area — and its origins may stem from high school kids.

What’s going on?

A new and mysterious monolith — similar to the one discovered in the Utah desert on Nov. 18 — has been discovered on the Trinity Trail in Forth Worth, Texas, this week.

  • The straight sides and metallic material resemble the monoliths discovered in California, Utah and Romania at the end of 2020.
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What are the monolith’s origins?

John Black, who owns Backwoods AutMoto in Millsap, Texas, told NBC DFW that he worked with Millsap High School students to build the monolith over the last four weeks.

  • The students were confused about the definition of monolith, so they researched it and decided to build one.
  • “We just felt like Fort Worth needed a monolith,” said Hawkeye, a Dallas radio host who had the monolith built, according to the NBC DFW article.
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What happened to the monolith?

Officials with the Tarrant Regional Water District told CBS 11 News that they removed the monolith from the trinity trail. However, someone put it up again at night. Officials have decided to leave it there.

Officials told CBS 11 News that the monoliths have been “a good distraction considering the times.”