Dr. Anthony Fauci doesn’t want you to hesitate when it comes to getting your child the COVID-19 vaccine.

Does Fauci approve of the COVID-19 vaccine for kids?

Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told Axios he currently has three teenage daughters. But if they were 5-11 years old, he “wouldn’t want them to get COVID-19. I would vaccinate them in a second.”

  • “Even though the chances of (a child) getting sick and seriously ill are small,” he said, “why do you want to take a chance of that with your child, when you can essentially protect the child by an intervention that is proven to be both highly effective and very safe?”
  • Fauci told Axios that he hopes the rollout will “make it as convenient as possible for parents to get their children vaccinated.”
  • He hopes to see the vaccine available at pharmacies, pediatrician offices and community centers.
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How will the White House roll out the vaccine?

The White House released plans to roll out the COVID-19 vaccine to children ages 5 to 11, assuming the vaccine gets emergency authorization from the Food and Drug Administration.

  • The White House said it wants to make sure the vaccine “is quickly distributed and made conveniently and equitably available to families across the country.”
  • The plan includes making sure the vaccine is “conveniently located to families across the country, including vaccination clinics at doctors’ offices, hospitals, pharmacies, community health centers, and school- and community-based sites.”

The Food and Drug Administration approved the Pfizer vaccine for children 5-11 years old on Friday.