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There was a massive oil spill off the coast of Orange County, California. Here’s what happened

Huntington Beach closed down due to a major oil spill off California’s coast

Oil crude incursion in Huntington Beach, California.
Oil crude incursion into the Wetlands Talbert Marsh in Huntington Beach, Calif., Sunday, Oct. 3, 2021.
Ringo H.W. Chiu, Associated Press

A massive oil spill caused turmoil on California’s coast, forcing Huntington Beach and other beaches to close down, ABC News reports.

About 3,000 barrels of oil — so close to 126,000 gallons — leaked near Huntington Beach from offshore oil production, according to ABC News. The leak reportedly happened about 4.5 miles off the coast.

No reason has been given for the oil spill. It’s also unclear how long the oil has been spilling.

News of the oil spill reached the U.S. Coast Guard on Saturday morning. By Sunday morning, the oil had already reached the shore, hitting both Newport Beach and Huntington Beach, according to The Los Angeles Times.

By Sunday night, Laguna Beach had closed down all of its beaches, asking people to “remain clear of the beach and pay close attention to any beach closure or warning signs,” according to a statement from Laguna Beach.

Per The Los Angeles Times, officials said the pipeline had stopped leaking by Sunday afternoon. There had been an attempt to patch the leak on Saturday, but it didn’t work, so oil spilled through the night into Sunday.

Orange County Supervisor Katrina Foley said the oil spill had killed some wildlife, including fish and birds, according to the Orange County Register.

So, from here, the U.S. Coast Guard will coordinate the response and conduct an investigation into how the spill happened, per the Orange County Register.