Six teenagers are in the hospital after a drive-by shooting at a small park near a high school in Aurora, Colorado, police said Monday.

  • The six teens all attend Aurora Central High School.
  • One of the students drove himself to the hospital.
  • None of the injuries were considered life-threatening, according to NBC News.
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Aurora, Colorado, Police Chief Vanessa Wilson told CNN Monday that witnesses saw multiple suspicious vehicles in the area before the shooting, which happened at about 12:45 p.m. Monday.

  • Suspects remain at large.
  • Wilson said that gang specialists are investing what happened, per NBC News.

Wilson told CNN that the shooting is a sign of how dangerous gun violence can be for people.

  • “My understanding is it was a drive-by shooting, as well as there may have been people on foot,” Wilson said.
  • “I think enough is enough. And I think we need to come together as a community,” Wilson said. “This is a public health crisis.”