A shooting spree in the Denver area killed six people and injured two, including a police officer, authorities said.

Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen confirmed in a news conference that the sole suspect had died during the “very violent series of events” that began in Denver and ended in Lakewood.

  • At 5 p.m. in Denver, the suspect shot two women and injured a man. He then shot and killed a man nearby.
  • Pazen said that the suspect then fired shots at a third location but no one was injured.
  • Officers identified a car associated with the suspect and exchanged gunfire at a fourth location when he disabled the police vehicle and fled to Lakewood, Pazen said. The suspect shot at the Lakewood police, ditched his car and escaped on foot.
  • He entered a Hyatt Hotel and shot at a clerk, who was taken to a hospital. After he left the hotel, he was killed in Lakewood, though it is unclear if a Lakewood agent shot at him.
  • “As far what started (this), that is part of the investigation. We need to really dig in and find out what the motivation behind this was,” Pazen said.

According to USA Today, this is the 13th mass shooting where four or more people were shot in Colorado this year. In the U.S., there have been as many as 700 mass shootings this year.

  • Previously, a mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado, in March left 10 people dead, per Axios.