Dr. Anthony Fauci, chief medical advisor to President Joe Biden, recently weighed in on the American dating scene once he was told about a new term — “Fauci-ing.”

What does ‘Fauci-ing’ mean?

The term — coined by Plenty of Fish, a dating app — refers to cutting off or ghosting someone who does not take part in public health measures like social distancing or wearing masks, according to Mashable.

The newest dating trend — ‘Wokefishing.’ Here’s what it means

Axios reporter Margaret Talev asked Fauci about the term: “You might not have a lot of time to read the Urban Dictionary since you’re trying to cure a pandemic and all,” Talev asked. “But there is actually a term in dating now called ‘Fauci-ing’ someone. Do you know what that means?”

  • He didn’t know what it meant so he asked the reporter to explain it. She said it was about breaking up with someone because of pandemic worries.
  • Fauci laughed at the term and said: “I’m gonna Fauci you!” 

Another new dating term

Back in September, a term called “wokefishing” began popping up in the pop culture stratosphere. “Wokefishing” referred to the process of people pretending to be progressive or “woke” when they started talking with potential partners, as I wrote for the Deseret News. The act was done to meet someone who has different political beliefs.

  • Here’s how Vice explained it back in September: “People masquerade as holding progressive political views to ensnare potential partners.”
  • A “wokefish” can pretend to be “protest-attending” or “anti-racist,” according to Vice. These “wokefish” can also be someone “who drinks ethically sourced oat milk and has read the back catalogue of Audre Lorde, twice.”