The California town of Santa Maria Valley will literally pay you to visit and spend a few nights there during the coronavirus pandemic.

What’s happening?

Santa Maria Valley has started a new program called “Visit Santa Maria Valley.” Through the program, the town will pay tourists $100 to visit and stay there for at least two nights at one of the nearby hotels.

  • It’s not direct cash, though. Per CNN, the payment comes as a voucher that can be used at restaurants in the town.
  • The program runs from Feb. 4 to March 31.
  • Santa Maria Valley is about 65 miles north of Santa Barbara.
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According to Santa Maria Times, there is $50,000 allocated for the stimulus cards, which will be given to up to 500 people.

Why visit?

Jennifer Harrison, director of the Santa Maria Valley Visitors Bureau, told CNN that the town offers similar aspects as similar California towns — but with lower cost.

  • “Santa Maria Valley has so much to offer,” Harrison told CNN. “We have beautiful beaches, hotels and wineries that are such a great option for budget-conscious travelers during a time of economic rebound.”
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The move from Santa Maria comes as cities and towns across the country are paying people to move to new cities, according to NPR. Many cities are offering deals for people to move there for remote work, which has become more common during the pandemic.