A new mysterious monolith appeared in Turkey over the weekend. Authorities are still investigating its origins, according to The Associated Press.

What happened?

A farmer in Sanliurfa province in southeastern Turkey discovered the monolith on Friday, the AP reports.

Is there meaning behind the monoliths?
  • The monolith had Turkish script on it, which read: “Look at the sky, see the moon.”
  • This monolith is about 10 feet tall.
  • It was discovered near UNESCO World Heritage site named Gobekli Tepe, which has structures from the 10th millennium B.C. that occurred thousands of years before Stonehenge.

Monolith mysteries continue

As of December, the Bureau of Land Management is still investigating the mysterious Utah monolith, which appeared in the fall. Authorities are still trying to figure out its whereabouts, its origins and what it means, according to Outside Online.

  • “We understand the public has a strong interest in the status and outcome of any investigations into the installation and removal of the illegally installed structure known as the ‘monolith,’” a BLM spokesperson told Outside Online. “We will notify the public when we have information to share.”
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We may never know more about the monolith

  • As I wrote about for the Deseret News, we may never know the true meaning of the monolith. Reports suggested it could be an art project, or it could be a demonstration about protecting the environment. There are plenty of theories about monoliths, but we still await answers.