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Airlines might weigh passengers before boarding flights

A new initiative would require airlines to weigh passengers

A new initiative would require airlines to weigh passengers
Dylan Walls, a transportation security officer with the Transportation Security Administration, checks a traveler’s photo ID at Salt Lake City International Airport in Salt Lake City on Tuesday, May 18, 2021. Air travel is expected to increase this summer.
Kristin Murphy, Deseret News

The Federal Aviation Administration recently outlined a new initiative that would have airlines require plus-size passengers to get weighed before boarding a flight.

Why would airplanes weigh people?

The FAA said in an advisory that the new initiative would work to make sure airlines have the latest data on passenger weights since the current numbers don’t reflect today’s obesity rates.

This would make sure aircraft don’t carry more weight than they can.

  • “To put it plane-ly, the FAA wants to gauge how much fatter Americans have gotten, to prevent things from coming apart when planes take to the skies,” according to the New York Post.

How would airlines weigh people?

The new mandate would have airlines take random surveys of random individuals on the plane. Once chosen, the person might have to step on a scale before boarding the flight, according to AirInsight, which reviewed the guidelines.

That said, the survey would be done on a volunteer basis, according to Fox Business. So if someone didn’t want to participate in the survey, they don’t have to.

When would airlines start weighing passengers?

It’s still unclear when this initiative would take place, though.