Tropical Storm Claudette took a break as a tropical storm, becoming a tropical depression. But now, as the storm heads toward North Carolina, it has reclaimed its tropical storm status.

The first tropical storm is about to make landfall in the U.S. Here’s where it will hit

Is Claudette a tropical storm?

The storm — which has been the first deadly storm during the 2021 season — is heading toward North Carolina right now as a tropical storm, according to Yale Climate Connections.

  • Wind speeds are hovering in the 28 to 40 miles per hour range.

What is next for Tropical Storm Claudette?

The storm is beginning to hit some cold water, which is literally throwing cold water on the storm.

  • “These cooler waters should lead to a quick degradation of Claudette’s structure, and the storm likely will become post-tropical by Tuesday, when it will be passing just south of Nova Scotia, Canada,” according to Yale Climate Connections.
What is the latest on storm Claudette? Will it hit the United States?

What to know about Claudette

Claudette has already caused widespread damage and death. So far, 13 people died in Alabama because of the storm’s strength, NPR reports. Authorities said 10 people, including nine children, died in a crash connected to the storm in Alabama according to USA Today.