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This entire United Airlines flight was evacuated because everyone got the same scary text message

United Airlines evacuated a flight after passengers got an ominous text message

A United Airlines jetliner taxis down a runway in Denver.
A United Airlines jetliner taxis down a runway for take off from Denver International Airport Friday, July 2, 2021, in Denver.
David Zalubowski, Associated Press

A recent United Airlines flight was evacuated shortly before takeoff after multiple passengers receive an ominous text message, Fox News reports.

  • The text came from a teenager, who sent a picture of an airsoft gun to passengers on the plane through Airdrop, the iPhone feature that allows people to share photos and documents through Bluetooth.

Why was a United flight evacuated?

The flight — which was traveling from San Francisco International Airport to Orlando — was ready for takeoff and was prepared to leave the gate. It had already faced multiple delays before the text message incident, according to SF Gate.

  • Passengers received the AirDrop message, though, which sparked confusion and worry throughout the cabin, according to KNTV.

Doug Yakel, a spokesperson for the airport, said the teenager did not have that airsoft gun on him, and that the photo was taken before the flight, according to Fox News.

  • The flight was evacuated “out of an abundance of caution,” Yakel told KNTV.

United Airlines confirmed the incident in a statement to Fox News.

  • “United flight 2167 departing from San Francisco to Orlando was delayed due to a security issue involving a customer on board,” United Airlines told Fox News. “Law enforcement officials were notified and our teams are working with them to review this matter. As a precaution, all customers deplaned and were rescreened before the flight departed.”