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Here’s what happened on the ‘bomb threat’ on Capitol Hill

Congressional staff members have been ordered to evacuate due to an ‘active bomb threat’

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The Library of Congress is seen in Washington.

In this Dec. 19, 2013, file photo, the Library of Congress is seen in Washington.

Susan Walsh, Associated Press

Congressional staff members were ordered to evacuate from the U.S. Capitol due to “an active bomb threat” in the area, stemming from a truck near the Library of Congress.

The man who claimed to have a bomb in a truck near Library of Congress later surrendered to law enforcement, ending an hours-long standoff.

What’s happened on US Capitol Hill?

The U.S. Capitol Police Twitter said there was an active bomb threat going on in the area, advising people to “please stay away from this area.”

  • “The USCP is responding to a suspicious vehicle near the Library of Congress.”
  • “This is an ongoing investigation.
  • “We are monitoring this situation closely and will update this account as we get information we can release,” the U.S. Capitol Police Twitter feed said.

What happened to people on Capitol Hill?

People at the Cannon House Office Building got an alert Thursday morning to leave the building, per CNBC. These people were advised to visit the Longworth House Office Building instead.

  • There were also calls for congressional staffers to shelter in their offices during the investigation, per CNN.

Law enforcement officials told CNN that police are allegedly responding to a threat of a potential explosive device. The officials said that negotiators are planning to engage with a man who is making claims about a bomb, according to The Daily Beast.