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Tennessee floods leave nearly 2 dozen people dead. Here’s what happened

Over the weekend, 22 died and many people remain missing after 17 inches of rain fell in Tennessee

SHARE Tennessee floods leave nearly 2 dozen people dead. Here’s what happened
Flood water from the Tennessee River.

Farmland stands in flood water from the Tennessee River Friday, March 8, 2019, in Savannah, Tenn. More than 20 people have died in the state during 2021 due to recent flooding.

Mark Humphrey, Associated Press

At least 22 people were killed and scores more went missing after massive floods caused widespread damage in Tennessee over the weekend.

Here are the latest updates on what’s happening in Tennessee.

President Biden offers help for Tennessee flooding

President Joe Biden said Sunday he would pledge help and support for the deadly Tennessee floods, looking to aid those who are searching for their missing loved ones, or who have been left without habitable homes, per The Tennessean.

  • “I want to begin by expressing my deepest condolences for the sudden and tragic loss of life due to this flash flood,” Biden said on Sunday. “I know we reached out to the community, and we stand ready to offer them support.
  • “I’ve asked the administrator to speak with Gov. (Bill) Lee of Tennessee right away, and we’ll offer any assistance they need for this terrible moment.”

National Guard adds to search efforts

Dozens of people remain missing from the Tennessee floods over the weekend. But now, the Tennessee National Guard has been sent to help rescue missing people.

Per AccuWeather.com, the Tennessee National Guard will help with the rescue efforts and help residents who are dealing with the aftermath of the floods, which left hundreds of people with inhabitable homes.

Record-breaking rain causes floods in Tennessee

Tennessee saw record-breaking rains that sent floods throughout the state over the weekend.

  • Families were separated because of the massive flooding, which “took out roads, cellphone towers and telephone lines, leaving families uncertain about whether their loved ones survived the unprecedented deluge,” according to The Associated Press.
  • Per The Associated Press, rescue crews are still searching for missing people because of the storm, which shattered homes and tangled debris all throughout the state.

In all, at least 22 people died from the massive floods. But, Tennessee Emergency Management Director Patrick Sheehan said that number might rise.

  • “I would expect, given the number of fatalities, that we’re going to see mostly recovery efforts at this point rather than rescue efforts,” Sheehan told The Associated Press.