A new report from BankingRates.com has identified nine states where residents will receive stimulus checks to deal with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

  • The stimulus checks come in addition to the federal stimulus checks that were sent out by the Trump administration in 2020 and the Biden administration in 2021. These checks are often established by state laws.


California is sending out a stimulus check to its residents. The checks will be either $500 or $600 depending on income, as I wrote for the Deseret News.


Colorado will send $375 to people who received at least one unemployment payment from March 15, 2020, to Oct. 24, 2020, per the Denver Post.


Maryland will send $500 stimulus payments to families and $300 for individual taxpayers who filed for the earned income tax credit within the state.

New Mexico

New Mexico will distribute $5 million to those who didn’t qualify for the federal stimulus checks, KQRE reports.


Florida was poised to distribute $1,000 checks to teachers and administrators. Some teachers have not received the bonuses yet, per ABC-7.


Georgia will send $1,000 checks to all full-time teachers and administrations. Part-time teachers will get $500 stimulus checks, according to The Associated Press.


Michigan has already sent out $500 stimulus checks to teachers, per Chalkbeat Detroit.


Tennessee plans to send out $1,000 checks to teachers instead of giving them 2% raises. Part-time teachers will get a $500 check, per Fast Company.


Some districts in Texas are increasing pay for teachers or giving them bonuses. For example, Irving, Texas, is giving teachers a $2,000 bonus payment, per FOX 4 News.