Spirit Airlines canceled about half of its flights — more than 370 — on Thursday, which was the fifth day in a row that the airline has had to change people’s flights and which was 80% of all canceled flights in the U.S., per CNBC.

  • By 9 a.m. EDT, flights to cities such as Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Las Vegas and Atlantic City were all canceled, according to The Tampa Bay Times.
  • In total, Spirit Airlines has canceled more than 1,700 flights since last weekend, per CNBC.
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The company said this is due to harsh weather, some staff shortages and technology problems, which has made it hard for all flights to get out there, according to CBS News.

  • Spirit Airlines said the issue would get worse throughout the summer because of the spike in travel.

Spirit Airlines spokesperson Erik Hofmeyer issued an apology statement from Spirit Airlines, per CBS News.

  • “We sincerely regret the inconvenience this has caused,” Hofmeyer said in a statement Tuesday.
  • Spirit said in the statement that crews are “working around the clock to mitigate the travel disruptions.”