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This rare ‘megapod’ of more than 100 humpback whales was spotted in Australia

A ‘megapod’ of humpback whales surrounded a boat off the coast of Australia

A juvenile humpback whale off of Virginia Beach.
A juvenile humpback whale surfaces off the coast of Virginia Beach near a whale-watching boat. A rare “megapod” of humpback whales was recently spotted off the coast of Australia
Robert Meyers, Associated Press

A rare “megapod” of humpback whales was recently spotted off the coast of Australia, something that might have happened only once.

Video footage showed the whales feeding in waters off the New South Wales coast, per The Guardian.

According to CNN, the whales swam near Bermagui, which is outside of Sydney, Australia. The whales “fed on a large bait ball — a tightly packed school of fish swimming in a spherical shape,” per CNN.

Simon Millar, owner of Sapphire Coastal Adventures, said it was only the second time such a megapod of whales has been seen in Australia.

  • “It was incredible,” he told CNN. “We saw the whales swimming all around the area. They were just everywhere. We were very lucky.
  • “The sight and sound was really something.”

Miller said he spotted the whales in waters where humpback whales often swim through during the year when they’re making their return to Antarctica, according to CBS News.

  • “Last year, this exact same week, we had a mass aggregation of humpback whales,” Miller said, according to CBS News. “What that is, is where you get a megapod and it’s where you’ve got more than 20 whales at the time feeding on a particular area.”