North Korea’s military parade has garnered a number of reactions after photos captured the military wearing hazmat suits and gas masks, BBC News reports.

  • The parade celebrated the country’s 73rd anniversary. No major missiles were on display during the event, though.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un appeared at the parade. But he was unmasked and he was greeting children, which was a much different view than what was seen from the military crowd.

  • The masked soldiers wearing hazmat suits and masks might “be a sign that a special force has been created to help prevent the spread of COVID-19,” according to BBC News.

Per The Associated Press, the parade included paramilitary organizations and public security forces in Pyongyang. This is different than the military group who deal with the nuclear and missile arsenal.

The military parade photos represent one of the first glimpses into North Korea since the country went into lockdown during the pandemic, according to The Washington Post. North Korea has closed its borders, locking itself away from trade partners from China.