A new round of coronavirus stimulus could be on the way.

Democratic and Republican lawmakers have held early discussions about a new round of potential coronavirus stimulus spending, especially with the omicron variant surging through the United States, according to The Washington Post.

  • The relief would specifically help businesses such as “restaurants, performance venues, gyms and even minor league sports teams” that could face a trouble from another wave of COVID-19, The Washington Post reports.
  • The spending would be a mix of new spending and repurposing of previous unused spending.
  • It’s unclear if the new round of spending would include stimulus checks to the American people.
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The White House said it is in constant communication with lawmakers about a new round of stimulus, per Reuters.

Sens. Ben Cardin, a Democrat from Maryland, and Roger Wicker, a Mississippi Republican, are leading the charge on the talks, hoping to help restaurants in needs, per Business Insider.

  • “We started with restaurants but we’re prepared to expand it if we can have the necessary support,” Cardin said Wednesday. “There’s other industries that have legitimate concerns.”

Republican Sen. Kevin Cramer, of North Dakota, told Insider that he is open to a package that helps restaurants, too.

  • “I would be open to reasonable discussions in a bipartisan way,” Cramer said.