A massive amount of snow is expected to continue to fall over the Northeast, bringing a potential “bomb cyclone” to the region.

  • The Northeast experienced snow, cold winds and freezing rain on Thursday night.
  • Per CBS News, the wintry weather will continue through Friday morning.
  • A “bomb cyclone” is considered a hurricane-like storm with wicked winds and heavy snow all at once, as I wrote for the Deseret News.

Jonathan Porter, AccuWeather’s chief meteorologist, told CBS News Thursday that the storm has moved fast into the north.

“It’s becoming a stronger storm very quickly,” he said. “The pressure of the storm is reducing very quickly and that means that you can end up with heavier amounts of rain or snow.”

The National Weather Service said the northeastern U.S. should expect accumulation over the weekend.

  • “A fast-moving system will bring the chance for accumulating snow to northern portions of the area Thursday night, in many of the same areas that were hit hard earlier this week,” the weather service said.

State officials across the Northeast warned their citizens about what was going to happen.

The massive winter storm will impact air travelers, too. Per the New York Post, more than 2,200 flights were canceled because of the winter weather, many of which happened in the Northeast.