Homeowners in Illinois have taken an issue with the local school, claiming that the noises from the playground have been disruptive since 2020.

That was the year when District 135 and Prairie Elementary School relocated the playground to a spot in Orland Park, close to these residential homes, according to The Patch.

Other homeowners complained of instruments being played loudly at the new playground.

“I don’t think that anyone can withstand hearing instruments all day long in your home,” said Laura Rayo in a district board meeting, per Fox affiliate WFLD. She lives closest to the park.

After numerous requests made to the principal about lowering the noise, her family decided to take the matter into their own hands and started blasting “R-rated” music of their own, according to CNN.

Many parents in the board meeting didn’t agree with the Rayo family’s solution.

“I feel bad that they were neglected for two years, but it shouldn’t be at the cost of our children,” said parent Iwona Piwowarczyk, per WFLD.

Although many noise complaints were made against these residents, their music volume complied with the noise levels set by the community, according to another Patch report.

This didn’t stop until Police Chief Eric Rossi came in and began mediating between the two groups. As a result, the instruments in the park have been taken down — except for the instruments’ bases.