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Happy National Boss’ Day! Here’s how you can celebrate the boss in your life

Monday is National Boss’ Day — here’s how you can celebrate

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Actor Steve Carell appears in the television series “The Office.”

In this undated publicity photo released by NBC, actor Steve Carell appears in this scene from the television series “The Office.”

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Monday is the day to celebrate the leader in your life. National Boss’ Day is a day set aside to recognize the person who keeps the workplace running smoothly.

What is National Boss’ Day?

National Boss’ Day is a holiday dedicated to celebrating the boss in your life. While it is meant to celebrate a workplace boss, you can also celebrate a personal boss, like someone at home or even yourself. A boss is any hardworking individual who inspires and directs you. This is a day to recognize them for their efforts.

National Boss’ Day fell on a Sunday this year (Oct. 16) so it should be celebrated on the closest following work day — Monday, Oct. 17.

How do I celebrate?

There are several ways to celebrate the boss in your life. Here are a few ideas.

  • Take your boss out to lunch.
  • Write a card of appreciation to your boss — ask others to join in.
  • Get your boss their favorite dessert and invite the whole office to celebrate.
  • Bring them a meaningful gift — something that will remind them of how much you appreciate them.
  • Hold an awards ceremony. Everyone can create an award they feel your boss deserves.
  • Keep working hard and exceeding your boss’ expectations.

What is the history of National Boss’ Day?

In 1958, Patricia Bays Haroski registered National Boss’ Day with the U.S Chamber of Commerce. Haroski wanted to use the holiday to celebrate her father, who was also her employer. She felt that bosses didn’t receive enough recognition for their hard work; she saw her father’s efforts and wanted him, and other bosses, to be appreciated. The holiday wasn’t recognized until four years later, when it was made an official national holiday.