Messages of military power have been sent by both the U.S. and North Korea.

The U.S. flew two supersonic bombers over South Korea, and North Korea launched four missiles into the sea on Saturday.

The Associated Press reported that the show of military might “underscored rising tensions in the region.”

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Why are the countries showing military power?

North Korea launched the four missiles after already launching 20 on Wednesday. According to NPR, senior military official Pak Jong Chon “issued a veiled threat of a nuclear conflict with the United States and South Korea over their joint drills.”

It was reported that the missiles were launched to make a statement back to both countries, and it sent evacuation warnings into Japan.

Aljazeera also reported that North Korea could be performing the missile launches in an attempt to show the world how its military technology has grown.

The U.S. was reported to have sent two B-1B bombers along with four U.S. F-16 fighter jets and four F-35 South Korean jets during an air force training drill called “Vigilant Storm.” The last time the U.S. deployed air drills in the region was December 2017.

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Is North Korea typically this aggressive?

Typically North Korea has responded to military drills in the past, but its response this time around has been stronger.

The New York Times reported that North Korea has already deployed jets to fly over South Korea three times, sending 150 planes into the sky since early October 2022. South Korea was prepared during the last month to jump into their own planes due to North Korea flying so close to their border.

The U.S. and South Korea have been making their own displays in response to North Korea’s show of military might. Though North Korea was the first to make a move in early October, the country said its last round of missile launches were influenced by the U.S. air force exercise.

The Foreign Ministry of North Korea described the air force drills as “military confrontation hysteria,” and that any attempts to disturb the security of their country will be met with the “toughest counteraction,” according to the Associated Press.