Gas prices have been steadily rising amid the Ukraine-Russia conflict. To offset record-high gasoline costs, Uber will charge customers a fuel fee to help drivers.

Details: This temporary surcharge will affect Uber and Uber Eats, starting Wednesday and lasting 60 days, the company said.

  • For an Uber trip, the cost will be either 45 or 55 cents.
  • An Uber Eats order will cost an additional 35 or 45 cents.

The trip distance and the price of gas in the state will influence the surcharge. All the money will go directly to the drivers.

Utah gas prices blow by record high, now $4.30 and headed up

Yes, and: Lyft, Uber’s rival company, has also responded to the rising prices by also adding a surcharge in U.S. and Canada for two months before reevaluating the situation, according to CNBC.

State of play: Gasoline prices are currently at $4.316 on average, according to AAA’s data. At the same time a year ago, the average was $2.864. Experts say that these prices could go up to $4.50 a gallon.

President Joe Biden bans Russian oil imports but warns ‘there will be costs’

On March 8, President Joe Biden banned the import of Russian oil, gas and coal in retaliation against the Russian invasion into Ukraine, which caused a fall in storage and a hike in prices. The U.S. acted alone, while European allies remained in close consultation, as they are more dependent on the Russian energy supplies.