At least one person died after a tornado ripped through the New Orleans area, leaving thousands without power and a path of destruction in its wake.

Details: The tornado struck the eastern side of New Orleans on Tuesday, killing at least one person in St. Bernard Parish, per The Washington Post.

  • A 26-year-old man was reported dead after first responders found him at his home.
  • Other people near the parish were hospitalized because of the severe damage from the tornado.
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What they’re saying: “There was severe devastation,” John Lane, a spokesman for St. Bernard Parish President Guy McInnis, told The Washington Post. “We have houses that have been completely flattened. We have houses that have been moved off (their) foundations and suffered severe structural damages.”

The latest: Per CNN, search-and-rescue teams are still combing through the destruction and debris in New Orleans neighborhoods.

  • “We have some homes that were leveled. We have homes that were lifted up and put back down on the street,” the aforementioned McInnis told CNN.
  • “The area that I’ve seen tonight, it’s totally devastated in a few of our neighborhoods.”

The bigger picture: The southeastern part of the United States prepared for big storms this week, including possible tornadoes around the central Plains and the Mississippi Valley, the Deseret News’ Gitanjali Poonia writes.

  • There was “enhanced” risk for these severe storms in parts of Texas and Louisiana, according to CNN Weather.
  • Nighttime tornado warnings were issued for portions of Alabama, southern Mississippi and western Florida.