The war between Russia and Ukraine is still ongoing and it’s unclear when it will end.

What’s happening: Russia invaded Ukraine at the end of February, with Russian President Vladimir Putin suggesting the move was a military operation.

  • Since that time, major cities across Ukraine have been attacked with missile strikes. Hospitals, Holocaust memorials and civilian-filled areas have been destroyed in the attacks, as I reported for the Deseret News.
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Experts recently told CNBC that there are five potential outcomes for the Russia-Ukraine war.

  1. Russia installs a pro-Russia government in Kyiv by capturing eastern Ukraine and then, eventually, the capital.
  2. Russia could divide Ukraine into separate nations, one of which would support Russia.
  3. Ukraine continues to battle Russia until the war makes no more sense for Russia as it drains both countries significantly.
  4. Russia could create a bigger divide between itself and NATO, possibly supporting terrorism on NATO countries.
  5. In one scenario, Russia could withdraw from Ukraine and end the ongoing conflict.

What’s next: William Burns, the CIA director, said during a hearing with the House Intelligence Committee on Tuesday said he doesn’t see a “puppet regime” sticking in Ukraine, according to The Boston Globe.

  • However, he said Ukraine will have “an ugly next few weeks” as Putin “doubles down” on aggression, per The Boston Globe.

The bottom line: It’s unclear how the war between Russia and Ukraine will end. But experts are keeping an eye on the conflict to see what the world order will look like when it’s finished.