Yoon Suk Yeol — the prosecutor and opposition party leader in South Korea — has won a tight presidential election in South Korea, per The New York Times.

What happened: Lee Jae-myung of the country’s ruling liberal party conceded the South Korean presidential election to the opposition candidate, Yoon.

What they said: “I didn’t know you’ve come here without sleeping. I thank you for having supported me so far. Thank you, my neighbors!” Yoon said, per ABC News.

  • “I did my best, but I could not live up to your expectations,” Lee said, per The Washington Post.

Why it matters: Yoon’s election will reinstate “conservatives to power with calls for a tougher and more confrontational stance on North Korea and a stronger alliance with the United States,” per The New York Times.

  • Yoon is expected to “significantly shift the country’s policies in the face of North Korea’s nuclear ambitions and China’s rise,” according to The Washington Post.

What’s next: Yoon will take office in May. He will serve a five-year term, according to ABC News.