The National Weather Service announced that the southern half of Florida, along with the Keys, are under a tropical storm warning as of Friday. The storm is predicted to bring heavy rainfall and wind to the state over the weekend.

Hurricane Agatha: Earlier this week, Hurricane Agatha hit Mexico in the form of a record-breaking storm, according to CBS News.

  • Over the last few days, the storm has drifted across the Gulf of Mexico, leaving 11 dead. The remnants are expected to pass over the state of Florida through the weekend.

Tropical Storm Alex: If it meets tropical storm criteria, the storm will be given the name Alex, Deseret News reported.

  • A tropical storm is classified by the National Hurricane Center as “a tropical cyclone with maximum sustained winds of 39 to 73 mph.”
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  • However, the storm has not yet earned the name Alex, so the NHC is calling it “Potential Tropical Cyclone One,” until it gains tropical storm credentials, per WPTV West Palm Beach.
  • Meteorologists at Fox Tampa Bay say there’s a 90% chance of Potential Tropical Cyclone One turning into a tropical storm or depression.

Expected impact: As of Friday morning, rain had started in Florida, a hint of what is predicted to come in the following days, AccuWeather reported.

  • Heavy rain is expected to continue through Friday and Saturday. Some areas of the state could see about a foot of rainfall, with wind gusts between 40-60 mph.
  • Local 10 News predicts some urban and flash flooding over the weekend in areas with high predicted rainfall. By Sunday, the storm should calm down, with light rainfall and thunderstorms making their way into the beginning of next week.