The three-person force of the Springfield Police Department in Baca County, Colorado, resigned on Friday, according to a statement released by the department. The Baca County Sheriff's Department will be serving the community temporarily in place of the officers.

The news: On Friday, for personal reasons and to take positions in other police departments, the entire Springfield Police force announced their resignations.

  • Police Chief Katrina Martin resigned effective Saturday, and two officers resigned to take positions elsewhere, according to KUSA, an NBC affiliate in Denver.
  • “There were no allegations of wrongdoing by the Chief or any of the officers brought before the Springfield Board of Trustees. The two officers each resigned to take other positions elsewhere. The Chief resigned citing ‘personal reasons.’ The timing of the resignations is unfortunate but does not appear to have been motivated by any improper acts by the officers,” Springfield Mayor Tyler Gibson said, according to KKTV, a CBS affiliate in Colorado Springs.

Details: In a letter from the mayor and county sheriff, they stated this was a “time of turbulence within the police department,” but didn’t further explain why that was the case, according to The Colorado Sun.

  • The sheriff’s office made it clear that this was not a time to try and test the law. “We also want to make this message very clear to anyone thinking this is an opportune time to commit crimes or victimize anyone in Baca County,” the office said in a Facebook post. “You are free to test that assumption at your convenience, however we will warn you, the community is fed up with it, law enforcement will be here in force, they will exhaust every resource at their disposal in finding you, the lights are always on at the Baca County Jail and we still have a few bunks available.”
  • The town is now seeking new candidates to fill these positions, the department said in the Facebook post.