Queen Elizabeth II died on Sept. 8, triggering “Operation London Bridge,” a series of planned events to mark the death of the historic monarch.

The planning began “from the moment the queen became monarch,” Philip Murphy, a British and Commonwealth history professor at the University of London, told The New York Times.

So far, King Charles III addressed the nation for the first time on Friday and the country's national anthem changed to “God Save the King,” as Rebecca Olds reported.

He was formally proclaimed the monarch on Saturday at St. James’ Palace, where he held his first privy meeting alongside Camilla, the queen consort, and Prince William.

On Sunday, Elizabeth’s casket was driven from Balmoral Castle to Edinburgh, before continuing its journey.

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Monday, Sept. 12

According to People magazine, the casket, draped with the Royal Standard of Scotland, will continue its journey to St. Giles’ Cathedral, where a vigil will be held.

Meanwhile, the king will reportedly hear “both Houses of Parliament express their condolences,” the magazine stated. After that, the new king and queen consort are off to tour the four nations of the United Kingdom.

Tuesday, Sept. 13

The casket will be flown to London from the Edinburgh airport, making its way to Buckingham Palace, according to The Guardian.

Charles and Camilla will travel to Hillsborough Castle, Belfast, and view an exhibition about the late queen’s relationship with Northern Ireland. The king will also meet “the secretary of state for Northern Ireland and party leaders” as well as faith leaders during this trip, the report stated.

Wednesday, Sept. 14

Operation Marquee will begin, where the queen will lie in state at Westminster Hall for four days where people can pay their respects. Senior royals will stand guard throughout, a tradition known as the Vigil of the Princes.

The public will be able to walk past the closed coffin and pay their respects.

Thursday, Sept. 15 — Sunday, Sept. 18

The queen will continue to lie in state while the king visits the United Kingdom nations. Per The Guardian, Charles will visit Wales on Friday and attend meetings later in London as the lying in state continues.

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Monday, Sept. 19

The funeral will be held while marking 10 days since the queen’s passing. The archbishop of Canterbury is expected to lead the funeral service, as Hanna Seariac reported for the Deseret News. It will be a public holiday.

The funeral will take place at Westminster Abbey.

The casket will be then be escorted to St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, where King George IV was also laid to rest. Per People, this is also where the queen’s mother, father and sister, Princess Margaret, rest. Soon, Prince Philip’s body will be moved to the chapel.

Can you watch ceremonies from Queen Elizabeth’s funeral online?

Key moments from the ceremonies and the lying in state will be broadcasted on BBC, Sky News and ITV, the country’s official website stated.