A treasure hunt has taken off in the Netherlands. A decades-old map, suspected to indicate where Nazis hid millions of dollars in stolen treasure from World War II, was released to the public by the National Archives of the Netherlands, per The Guardian.

Now, amateurs and historians are racing each other along the Dutch countryside to be the first to uncover the treasure trove — thought to be four larges boxes filled with jewels, coins, watches, jewelry and diamonds, reports The Guardian.

According to NBC News, the map was acquired by the Dutch National Archive shortly after the war ended from a German soldier, who was hunting down German capital in the Netherlands. The map has been in custody of the Dutch National Archive ever since, and got released to the public this week after 75 years of confidentiality.

Researchers believe the treasure was buried by German soldiers before they fled the country in 1945, when the Allies were about to liberate the eastern Netherlands.

“They decide to bury the treasure, because it’s just getting a bit too hot under their feet and they’re getting scared,” said Annet Waalkens, an adviser at the National Archives, per The Guardian.

The treasure was never found, and the Dutch National Archive isn’t certain that it’s there — or that it ever existed.

“We don’t know for sure if the treasure existed. But the institute did a lot of checks and found the story reliable,” Anne-Marieke Samson, a National Archive spokeswoman, told Reuters. “But they never found it and if it existed, the treasure might very well have been dug up already.”

Doubts that the treasure actually exists has not crushed excitement from the Dutch committed to finding the long-lost treasure.

“I see groups of people with metal detectors everywhere,” 57-year old Jan Henzen told Reuters during a break from his search. “Like a lot of people, the news about the treasure made me go look for myself. The chance of the treasure still being here after 70 years is very small I think, but I want to give it a try.”