The 6-year-old student who recently shot his Virginia teacher was exhibiting some behaviors prior to the shooting that the teacher reported and the school did not take seriously, according to The Washington Post.

Here’s what we know:

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What happened: Messages from teachers at Richneck Elementary School detailed that officials had downplayed repeated reports from the teacher about the child’s behavior.

The Washington Post reported that his behavior was dismissed, along with “his threat to light a teacher on fire and watch her die.”

The family of the boy has claimed in the wake of the shooting that their son has “acute disability” and that the gun their son obtained “was secured” and bought legally, according to NBC News.

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Details to note: The New York Times reported that a family member is supposed to attend class with the student, but the week of the incident, the student attended alone.

“We will regret our absence on this day for the rest of our lives,” the family said in their statement.

First-grade teacher Abigail Zwerner was the teacher who was shot. She is continuing her recovery from the incident, according to CBS News.

CNN reported that, despite being shot, Zwerner was heroic in making sure her students were safe and was the last person to leave the room once she knew everyone was safe.

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What has been said: “I cannot share any information in a child’s educational record,” School district spokesperson, Michelle Price, said. “A lot of what you’re asking is part of the child’s educational record, and it’s also a matter of an ongoing police investigation and an internal school investigation. Unfortunately, some of these details I’m not even privy to.”

The young student’s family said in a statement through their attorney, according to NBC News: “Our heart goes out to our son’s teacher and we pray for her healing in the aftermath of such an unimaginable tragedy.”