Authorities are one step closer to solving a 27-year-old case. A man was arrested and charged with murder in connection to the killing of rapper Tupac Shakur in 1996.

Duane “Keffe D” Davis is “described as the group’s ringleader,” not the accused gunman, and authorities have had him on suspect lists for a while, according to The Associated Press.

“Duane Davis was the shot caller for this group of individuals that committed this crime,” Las Vegas police homicide Lt. Jason Johansson said, per AP News, “and he orchestrated the plan that was carried out.”

What happened to Tupac Shakur?

Shakur was shot four times after leaving a boxing match in Las Vegas, Nevada, and died in a hospital a few days later. The murder “of Tupac Shakur became a defining tragedy in hip hop,” The New York Times reported.

Davis is the only suspect in the case who is still alive, and he has said in his memoir that he is only one of two living witnesses to the killing.

“Over the last five years, we’ve conducted countless interviews and corroborated numerous facts that were not only consistent with the crime scene on the night of the incident, but also corroborated and were consistent with the sequence of events that night,” Jason Johansson, a Las Vegas police homicide lieutenant, said during a news conference, per CNN.

What happens next with Tupac Shakur murder case?

A grand jury in Clark County indicted Davis on one count of murder with use of a deadly weapon with the intent to further or promote a criminal gang, per the Las Vegas Review Journal.

He is due in court this week, and the added gang charge voted on by the grand jury could add up to 20 additional years if he receives a conviction of the crime, according to AP News.