A deadly train crash in Greece killed at least 46 people on Wednesday around midnight. Now, the country’s appointed transport minister has resigned.

Kostas Karamanlis resigned from his post, and Transport Minister Giorgos Gerapetritis took over on Thursday, Reuters reported.

“It is a very heavy responsibility,” he said to reporters, per Reuters.

Protests erupted throughout the country, calling for better railway safety. A rail workers union is now on strike after the incident, “accusing the government of ‘disrespect’ in the sector,” according to CNN.

What happened with the train crash in Greece?

A passenger train carrying 350 passengers heading northbound from Athens collided with a freight train on the same tracks. The wreckage was horrific, and reports say the death toll will likely be higher. At least 85 were injured in the crash. Search and rescue efforts are still ongoing for survivors.

Stationmaster arrested in connection to Greece train crash that killed at least 36

A report from the European Union Agency for Railways records that Greece experienced the “highest railway fatality rate per million train kilometers from 2018 to 2020” compared to the other 28 countries in Europe, per CNN.

What caused the train crash in Greece?

The stationmaster was charged with manslaughter for the incident but claims the accident was a “possible technical failure,” BBC reported.

The stationmaster is responsible for signaling and safety over a railroad station.

The government is still investigating how the trains ended up on the same track, but Prime Minister Kyriakos Mistotakis said it likely involved “a tragic human error.”

“Justice will do its job,” he said in a televised address, per BBC. “People will be held accountable, while the state will be on the side of the people.”