On Monday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delayed plans to overhaul the judicial branch of the government amid widespread protests in Tel Aviv.

Netanyahu said that he has agreed to hear more dialogue from the opposing political party to prevent further division within the country, reported The New York Times.

“When there is a possibility of preventing a civil war through dialogue, I, as the prime minister, take a timeout for dialogue,” he said, per the Times.

Banks, airports and hospitals were closed during the protest and the country was in disarray, but things started to calm down when Netanyahu announced the delay, reported The Wall Street Journal. However, some people feared this was only to buy Netanyahu time and there’s talk of continuing protests until the plan is not only delayed but put to rest completely.

“The dangerous coup legislation must be shelved,” said the leader of the center-left Labor party, Merav Michaeli, per WSJ. “Netanyahu isn’t shelving them, he’s buying time at the expense of our democracy.”

Finding more understanding and unification of the country was a great push from the ceremonial leader of the country, President Isaac Herzog, reported WSJ. He will act as a liaison between the warring political views throughout the delay.

“This is the time to begin a sincere, serious and responsible dialogue that will urgently calm the waters and lower the flames,” Herzog said Monday night, per WSJ.

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