On Tuesday, the Louisville Metro Police Department released the body camera footage of two officers who arrived at the scene of the mass shooting that took place at a bank in Louisville, Kentucky, on Monday.

Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg said it was important to release the footage to the public because “transparency is important — even more so in time of crisis,” per The Associated Press.

Galloway and Wilt are being called heroes by many, with many replies posted on a tweet the police department shared, which says, “Here are our HERO officers.”

In the footage, the perspectives of officers Nickolas Wilt and Cory “CJ” Galloway are shown as they drive up to the scene and are immediately showered with gunfire from the glass front of Old National Bank.

Galloway can be heard shouting, “Back up, back up!” from the passenger seat.

Both Wilt and Galloway stepped out of the car, taking a gun from the trunk of the car, before running up the steps.

In just minutes of arriving, Wilt was shot and Galloway took cover after being grazed with a bullet himself. It looked like the scope fell off the gun as Galloway tumbled.

He can be seen in bystander footage included by the police department, going from side to side of a planter he used as cover to get a clear shot of the shooter. There his breathing can be heard becoming ragged.

“The shooter has an angle on that officer, we need to get up there,” Galloway said in the video. “I don’t know where he’s at, the glass is blocking him. I don’t have an angle.”

Other officers arrived on the scene in the next minute or so, and Galloway took down the gunman, telling other officers, “I think he’s down, get the officer.”

Louisville Metro Police Department Deputy Chief Paul Humphrey walked through the footage on Tuesday, per AP.

“I think you can see the tension in that video,” Humphrey said, reported AP. “You can understand the stress that those officers are going through. ... They did absolutely exactly what they needed to do to save lives. Once officers arrived on the scene, not another person was shot.”

During the Monday morning attack, four people were killed onsite and another later died due to her injuries. Several more were injured.

“We’re all feeling shaken by this, and scared and angry and a lot of other things too,” Greenberg said Tuesday, per AP. “It’s important that we come together as a community to process this tragedy in particular but not just this tragedy because the reality is that we have already lost 40 people to gun violence in Louisville this year.”

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