A parking garage collapsed in lower Manhattan Tuesday afternoon, killing one person and injuring at least five others.

On Ann Street near Nassau Street in the Financial District, the garage collapsed around 4 p.m., crushing the parking levels below where six people were working. All six have been accounted for — one of them was killed, four were hospitalized but in stable condition and one person rejected receiving medical attention, CNN reported.

What caused the Manhattan parking garage collapse?

The official cause of the collapse has not been determined, “but initial findings show the weight from the number of vehicles parked on the roof deck, plus the age of the building, contributed to the collapse,” per CBS News.

Inspectors from the Department of Buildings cited building violations associated with the parking garage in 2003 that concern concrete defects in stairs, “a hazardous condition with cracks in the first floor ceiling, spalling concrete, missing concrete coverings on steel beams and defective concrete with exposed cracks,” local NBC affiliate WNBC reported, according to city records.

It’s not clear whether those violations were addressed or not.

What happened when the Manhattan parking garage collapsed?

Acting Department of Buildings Commissioner Kazimir Vilenchik told CBS News, “What we observed from the drone deployed, we observed that there are a four story building all the way pancaked, collapsed all the way to the cellar floor.”

After the initial collapse, firefighters continued searching for survivors or others in danger, but “the building continued to collapse,” and all rescue personnel were ordered to leave due to the “extremely dangerous operation,” FDNY Chief of Fire Operations John Esposito told CNN.

One garage worker got trapped on an upper floor when it collapsed and called for help. He reached safety by being taken to another building, local ABC affiliate WABC reported.

Rescue personnel believe all people who could have been inside are accounted for, but firefighters continue to search for survivors just in case.