Deadly tornadoes hit Oklahoma Wednesday night, leaving at least two dead.

The extreme weather on Wednesday struck three states with nine reports of tornadoes in Oklahoma, four tornado reports in Iowa, and three in Kansas, according to CNN.

The storms destroyed homes and roads, and left thousands without power as of Thursday morning, The Washington Post reported.

The two fatalities from the storms were reported in the town of Cole in McClain County, Oklahoma. In a Facebook post, the McClain County Sheriff’s Office stated, “We unfortunately have 2 confirmed fatalities.”

“Based on the damage reports that we’re getting back, as significant as it is, there could be more injuries or deaths that we don’t know about at this time,” a deputy from the sheriff’s department told KFOR.

Meteorologist Reed Timmer chased the tornado that hit Cole, capturing footage of the intense storm.

Jordan Hall, a storm chaser with Severe Studios, shared footage the next day of the damage in Cole following the tornado.