Canada’s Toronto Pearson International Airport had some precious cargo stolen on Monday, with its contents straight out of a heist movie.

The stolen goods were in a container of about 5 or 6 square feet, said by police to contain mostly gold, among other high-valuable items, and equating to a whopping $20 million in Canadian dollars ($14.8 million in the United States), reported CNN.

It’s the largest theft in Canadian history, reported The Guardian.

Police declined to say where the airplane holding the precious cargo came from but did say that it arrived in the early evening Monday. Soon after, its contents were unloaded by airport staff to a third-party warehouse, separate from the main building, per the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

From there, Peel Regional Police spokesperson Stephen Duivesteyn said that the cargo was removed by “illegal means,” without giving further details on how, per CBC.

Whether it’s a professional heist or not, authorities aren’t sure yet, and they’re trying to keep a “broad outlook,” said Duivesteyn.

No arrests or further leads have been announced, but the heist didn’t disrupt airport operations, he said.

“We feel this to be an isolated incident,” Duivesteyn said. “Therefore, for the traveling public that are concerned about coming and flying out, they should have no concern. We do not consider this to be a public safety matter.”

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