The Secret Service says it is investigating how an intruder entered the home of President Joe Biden’s national security adviser last month.

What happened with intruder who entered Jake Sullivan’s home?

Although “a full security detail was posted outside,” an intruder entered Jake Sullivan’s West End neighborhood home at 3 a.m. on April 29, The New York Times reported.

Neither Sullivan nor his wife Margaret Goodlander, a deputy assistant attorney general in the Justice Department’s antitrust division, were harmed in the incident.

According to the Times, it was Sullivan who first encountered “the intruder — a man who appeared to be intoxicated — and told him to get out.” Following the encounter, the intruder left, and Sullivan informed the Secret Service agents posted outside of the incident.

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“Secret Service is examining a security incident that took place at a protectee site,” the Secret Service said in a statement, per CBS News. “While the protectee was unharmed, we are taking this matter seriously and have opened a comprehensive mission assurance investigation to review all facets of what occurred.”

Sullivan’s Secret Service detail is currently “benched pending the investigation’s outcome,” per CBS News.

“This should not have happened. Absolutely not,” Thomas S. Warrick, director of the Future of DHS project and senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, told CBS News. “And especially where there are hostile nation states targeting U.S. officials on U.S. soil.”

Secret Service protocol

Typically if someone is caught intruding on the property of someone protected by Secret Service, they “would be detained for questions, then most likely arrested and charged with trespassing,” but the individual left the scene before that happened, according to The Washington Post.

“Any deviation from our protective protocols is unacceptable and if discovered, personnel will be held accountable. Modifications to the protective posture have also been made to ensure additional security layers are in place as we conduct this comprehensive review,” Secret Service spokesperson Anthony Guglielmi said in a statement, per NBC News.

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