Police arrested 28-year-old Rashid Ali Bynum on Tuesday morning on murder and gun charges connected to the death of a Virginia councilwoman and pastor, Eunice Dwumfour, in February, authorities announced.

In early February, Dwumfour was shot multiple times and found in her car outside her Sayreville, New Jersey home, reported The New York Times.

The Times reported that it was the 30-year-old councilwoman’s first year on the city council and she was the first ever Black person elected there.

Police are still working to find a motive for the murder, but for now, they think that the victim and the murderer knew each other through their church, officials announced during a conference Tuesday. Bynum’s contact information was saved in Dwumfour’s phone with the acronym “FCF,” assumed to mean “Fire Congress Fellowship,” a church they were both affiliated with.

Dwumfour had since married Peter Ezechukwu, the pastor of a prosperity gospel church called Champions Royal Assembly, reported The Associated Press. A family attorney told AP News that the arrest leaves the family with “even more questions today than there were before.”

“We have an alleged murderer in custody in Virginia, but now they are trying to also understand the relationship, how this person came to target Eunice, what was the rationale,” family attorney John Wisniewski said in an interview with AP.

An eyewitness account described a “thin, black male” with “ear-length braids or dreads” leaving the scene, which matches Bynum’s physical description in the mugshot posted by Yolanda Ciccone, the Middlesex County prosecutor, on Wednesday.

Other evidence was collected from the suspect’s phone, Ciccone said. Location data placed him driving from Virginia to New Jersey the day of the murder and then back again. Rental records had his phone number listed for a white Hyundai Elantra that was also placed at the scene. Additionally, his search history showed the suspect looking to see which magazines are compatible with a specific handgun.

The suspect was taken into custody and taken to Chesapeake City, Virginia.

Authorities continue to look for more answers.