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Inside a BYU professor’s push to help a family escape the Taliban 

Wrecked cars are soaring right now because of COVID-19

Take a look inside first temple open house since COVID-19 pandemic in Pocatello, Idaho

Apple has released an emergency security update. Here’s why you should download it now

A COVID-19 vaccine for children under 12 years old will be available around Halloween, experts say

These states vaccinate the most

Why COVID-19 cases are so high — even if millions are fully vaccinated

Dr. Fauci says we need to vaccinate children now. Here’s why

G20 Interfaith Forum is all about connections and solving world problems, religious leaders say

Researchers may have found an antibody that creates long-COVID

Moderna may soon have a single shot for the flu, COVID-19 vaccine

Doctor reveals the easiest way for us to get back to normal

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Separation of powers is supposed to stop tyranny. But is it eroding?

Separation of powers is arguably the defining feature of the U.S. Constitution — the beating heart of our constitutional design.

A look at how Latter-day Saints contributed to community projects on 9/11 National Day of Service

This doctor says there’s ‘a surge of fear’ making people afraid of the COVID-19 vaccine

The mu and lambda variants won’t be as dangerous as delta, experts say

The CDC reveals how much the delta variant really infects fully vaccinated people

President Biden didn’t go far enough with vaccine mandate, expert says

This major city now requires children to get the COVID-19 vaccine to attend school in person

Should public tuition assistance be used to attend religious schools? Sen. Mike Lee thinks so

How United Airlines is dealing with staff members with vaccine religious exemptions

The delta variant may ruin the travel industry, US airlines warn

Dr. Fauci reveals how many COVID-19 cases make him feel ‘comfortable’

Newly discovered dinosaur was a more dangerous predator than the T. rex

The mu variant is concerning, but it might not overtake delta, EU agency warns

Novavax may combine the flu and COVID-19 vaccines together

How Republicans reacted to President Joe Biden’s vaccination plan for businesses, federal workers

Coinbase Pro has added Shiba Inu coin to its platform

Latter-day Saints tell about the experiences that have bolstered their faith since 9/11 changed their lives

The CDC reveals who is really getting the severe breakthrough COVID-19 cases

Why you might get $300 a month for the next two years

The Department of Justice is suing Texas over the anti-abortion law

North Korea’s military wore hazmat suits and gas masks at a parade. See the photos

Donald Trump called the family of a Utah Marine killed in Afghanistan. What did he say?

President Biden will soon require these employees to be fully vaccinated

Latter-day Saint volunteers assist in cleaning up after catastrophic flooding devastated parts of Europe

Growing up in a post-9/11 world

What makes some people ‘superhuman’ immune to COVID-19?

Pfizer’s top scientist reveals why there are less side effects from Pfizer

Will Dogecoin and Shiba Inu coin ever rise again?

El Salvador added bitcoin as legal currency. But then everything fell apart

This massive, deadly earthquake struck Mexico. Here’s what happened

Virginia has removed a Robert E. Lee statue from the state’s capital

Dr. Fauci reveals a major way to keep children under 12 safe from COVID-19

10% of all US COVID-19 cases came in the last four weeks

The Nipah virus is moving through India. How fast does it spread?

No, the U.S. military did not leave its own dogs behind

Who regulates amusement parks? In some states, it’s the park itself