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U.S. House votes to increase debt ceiling limit. Here’s how Utah’s Republican congressmen voted

Dog the Bounty Hunter calls on Brian Laundrie to turn himself in

Gabby Petito’s mom has four words for Brian Laundrie’s lawyer

Dr. Fauci reveals the truth about COVID-19 vaccine mandates

Brian Laundrie’s family attorney reacts to Gabby Petito’s cause of death

Expert reveals why the delta variant wave won’t be over for months

These strange radio waves are coming from the middle of the Milky Way galaxy ... and scientists don’t know what they’re coming from

COVID variants could lead to larger, more deadly pandemic, study says

Your COVID symptoms might reveal when you are most likely to spread COVID-19

A lie detector test in Utah’s 4th Congressional District? One GOP candidate plans to wire up

Gabby Petito died by strangulation, Wyoming coroner says

Why Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Rome went horribly wrong

Here’s what the sea level rise could do to famous American sites, like the Lincoln Memorial

Why the Gabby Petito case could take a big turn today

Dr. Fauci reveals what you can really do on Halloween this year

1 in 5 severely ill COVID-19 patients have this in common

Users of these substances are more prone to breakthrough COVID-19 cases

The COVID vaccines can help your body recognize COVID-19 variants, study says

Dr. Fauci says it’s ‘tough to predict’ the future for fully vaccinated people

Why Biden’s approval rating isn’t recovering

Could Brian Laundrie survive this long in Carlton Reserve?

The historic Mesa Arizona Temple is opening for public tours this week. See what it looks like

Is Brian Laundrie still alive? Florida police say they ‘need to find something’ in their search

Florida police say they don’t know what to believe in Brian Laundrie search

This company wants the FDA to approve a new COVID pill. What does it do?

Why Southwest canceled your flight and 2,000 others

This airport worker was infected with an unknown COVID variant

This COVID symptom might not go away for those over 40 years old

Did Shiba Inu coin crash again?

Dr. Fauci warns a new COVID variant could come soon

Experts reveal what can really stop COVID-19 from spreading this winter

CDC director reveals what can really end the pandemic

What are the Floki cryptocurrencies and what do they mean?

Brian Laundrie search team did not find a campsite, Florida police say

Why the search for Brian Laundrie just became easier at Carlton Reserve

Matthew McConaughey reveals how he feels about the Texas abortion ban

Dr. Scott Gottlieb reveals 2 ways the pandemic will really end

Shiba Inu coin just became one of the biggest cryptocurrencies in the world

The real reason why these countries have limited use of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine

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When will President Joe Biden announce vaccine mandate rules for businesses?

Utah GOP leaders say they will push back against federal requirements.

Utah Sen. Mike Lee to the Department of Justice: Leave parents alone

‘We deserve the truth’: Gabby Petito’s family shares powerful message to Brian Laundrie

Gabby Petito’s mother reveals where she thinks Brian Laundrie is right now

Utah has one of the highest rates of uninsured kids. Could insuring them save taxpayers millions?

Shib coin users say they can’t trade the crypto token on Coinbase

The open house of the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple is starting this week. See interior photos

Did Brian Laundrie’s dad recently help police in their search at the Florida reserve?

Brian Laundrie search team finds a recently used campsite at Florida reserve